Premiers unite in call for social media bans for kids

23 May

Millions of Australian children could be barred from using social media platforms under age-limit changes floated by state premiers who want bolstered protections for young people against online harm. The leaders of NSW, Queensland and Victoria...[Read More]

Breast tissue ‘breakthrough’ to aid cancer research

22 May

Researchers say they have managed to keep breast cancer tissue viable for at least a week outside of the human body, paving the way for enhanced cancer treatments. A new study, funded by the Prevent Breast Cancer charity, found breast tissue could...[Read More]

Internet age limits and online harm targeted in budget

16 May

Millions of dollars will be spent protecting children from harmful online content, fighting evolving online threats, and warning about gambling features hidden inside video games. The federal budget measures come in addition to investments in...[Read More]

Budget reveals plans to generate AI rules, restrictions

15 May

Australia will take another step towards banning the high-risk use of artificial intelligence technology in fields such as healthcare and copyright material after a $39 million funding boost. The government revealed a series of measures involving AI...[Read More]

Researchers cheer quantum leap on silicon breakthrough

8 May

Quantum computers are a step closer after a breakthrough in ultra-pure silicon that will make systems more stable and errors less likely, a team of Australian and British researchers say. Prototypes for quantum computing have been developed around...[Read More]

Telstra’s 3G shutdown delayed over triple zero concerns

8 May

Telstra has delayed the shutdown of its 3G network over concerns it may stop thousands of customers making emergency calls. The national telco postponed the network switch to August 31 – two months later than planned – to give customers more...[Read More]

Progress on scams but social media urged to do more

2 May

Australia is finally making inroads on scam losses yet the battleground is shifting, with social media grifts an increasingly frequent and costly problem. While the nation recorded its first annual fall in losses to fraudsters in seven years, based...[Read More]

Australians distrust use of AI in news content

2 May

Australians distrust news articles that have been written by generative artificial intelligence even as media companies increasingly turn to the emerging technology. Generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology first burst into the Australian...[Read More]

Sweat-powered fitness trackers possible in two years

24 April

Sweat-powered fitness devices could rate your pulse, temperature and other vital signs in future, just as long as you work out hard enough. Researchers at Deakin University, in partnership with Monash and the University of NSW, released a study into...[Read More]

‘Dream big’: first Aussie astronaut hopes to inspire

24 April

Katherine Bennell-Pegg grew up on Sydney’s northern beaches with her feet in the ocean and her head in the stars. Her childhood dream was to become an astronaut. Now the engineer and mum of two has made that dream a reality, becoming the first...[Read More]

Tesla and Hyundai reveal plans to replace taxi drivers

17 April

Self-driving cars do not get drunk, they do not fall asleep, they do not get distracted by text messages, and experts and manufacturers agree they could be the answer to slashing the road toll. It’s one of the reasons why autonomous vehicles are...[Read More]

X plans to charge new users to post, Musk says

17 April

X is planning to start charging all new users a “small fee” in order to interact with posts, the social media site’s owner Elon Musk says. Replying to an account which had posted about the possible changes, the Tesla and Space X boss said...[Read More]

Volkswagen to test car tech to make kangaroos go jump

10 April

A device designed to prevent kangaroos from jumping in front of vehicles will be tested with moving cars after after receiving approval from a university. The RooBadge device, developed by Volkswagen Australia and the DDB Group in consultation with...[Read More]

NASA to take Aussie plants from the Torrens to the moon

10 April

A diminutive Australian water weed will be one of the first plants grown by humans on the surface of the moon. Researchers from La Trobe University and the University of Adelaide are among a group of scientists that will send duckweed, an aquatic...[Read More]

Social media news removal an ‘abrogation’ of duty

4 April

The plan to start removing traditional media outlets’ news feeds from Facebook and Instagram as of this month was “simply unconscionable”, a government minister said. The decision by Meta, which owns the platforms, to no longer enter deals to...[Read More]