Roses still rule in race for Valentine’s hearts

14 February

Flower growers and florists are preparing to send a quarter of a million roses into Australian hearts and homes this Valentine’s Day, and that’s just in the nation’s most populous state. Growers and wholesalers take months to prepare for the...[Read More]

Our love for Hobbies: The Key to Well-Being and Fulfillment

8 February

Engaging in hobbies and pursuing activities you love is a universally beneficial practice, whether you’re in Australia or the UK. These two regions, despite their geographical distance, share a common appreciation for the positive impact of...[Read More]

Understanding the five key areas of personal finances

8 February

When it comes to managing your money, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the five key areas of personal finance: income, spending, saving, investing, and protection. Mastering these elements can be the difference between...[Read More]

10 benefits of Yoga and Pilates for people of all ages

8 February

Yoga and Pilates offer numerous benefits for people of all ages, including those leading into and during retirement.   Improved Flexibility: Both Yoga and Pilates involve stretching exercises that can help improve flexibility. This is particularly...[Read More]

Architectural wonders: A journey through time and culture

8 February

When it comes to experiencing cultural architecture, the world is rich with destinations that showcase the history, art, and innovation of human civilization. Here are some top destinations known for their distinctive architectural...[Read More]

The value of a regular health check-up

8 February

Regular health check-ups are an essential part of maintaining optimal health, particularly as we age. They provide a snapshot of your current health status and can identify potential health risks before they become serious issues. Prevention is...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – 05/02/24

8 February

Key points – The Australian Government’s changes to the Stage 3 tax cuts have refocussed attention on the need for tax reform. – The Australian tax system has five key problems: it’s heavily reliant on income tax; it’s complicated by...[Read More]

Investment markets and key developments – Weekly market update 02/02/24

8 February

Share markets were supported over the last week by good economic data, solid US earnings results and ongoing signs that central banks are moving towards rate cuts albeit they are pushing back against imminent moves. For the week US shares rose...[Read More]

Living pressures ease for employee households

8 February

Working families are still under acute financial pressure but fewer cash rate hikes of late has tempered growth in their overall living costs. In the 12 months to the December quarter, living costs rose 6.9 per cent for employee households, down...[Read More]

Schools to trial AI alternative after ChatGPT ban

8 February

Children in more than a dozen NSW schools will help test an in-house artificial intelligence app after the state banned the popular ChatGPT over cheating concerns. The trial AI app, called NSWEduChat, was an important first step for the rollout of...[Read More]

Tax cuts all but assured as coalition backs changes

8 February

Low and middle income earners have been guaranteed extra relief, with bipartisan support secured for changes to income tax cuts. Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said he would not stand in the way of those doing it tough and in need of tax...[Read More]

Workers closer to getting a ‘right to disconnect’

8 February

Workers who are not paid to monitor their phones and emails 24/7 should not be penalised if they choose to disconnect, the prime minister says. A range of workplace changes are before parliament, designed to improve pay and conditions and stamp out...[Read More]

Aussie firms urged to deploy AI to save productivity

8 February

Australian businesses should deploy artificial technology across more parts of their operations or the nation risked falling behind the rest of the world in productivity, a major technology conference has heard. But Microsoft’s AI Tour event in...[Read More]

Almost two in three voters back tax changes, poll shows

8 February

Voters have voiced approval for looming changes to tax cuts, but federal politicians are doing their best to play down the polling. Almost two in three people surveyed by Newspoll said the prime minister made the right decision to amend stage three...[Read More]

‘Chemical fingerprint’ developed from gin samples

7 February

Chemists have trialled a new technique that takes a “chemical fingerprint” of gin in seconds, which could help producers futureproof their gins and conduct quality control. A team of researchers from Heriot-Watt University worked alongside the...[Read More]